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 Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Chapter 58

Raw 58

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Chapter 59

Raw 59

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Chapter 60

Raw 60

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Chapter 61

Raw 61

 Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Chapter 80

Raw 80

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Chapter 81

Raw 81

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Chapter 82

Raw 82

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Chapter 83

 Kyou koi wo hajimemasu

Raw 78

Raw 79

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Raw 76


Raw 76

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Raw 77

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Raw 77

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!

Raw 54

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Raw 55

Raw 55

Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Raw 75


Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Raw 53

Raw 53

Hiyokoi Step.13

I only have seen the step 13 of Hiyokoi and I can´t find the previous step. If i find it, i will post here.

 Kyou koi wo hajimemasu Raw 73

Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! Raw 51

Raw 51


Credits: soso74 & Elison_star

Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Raw 50

This time, the raw 50 come out more soon than the raw 49. In this Chapter, the principal couple are Shinobu and Chihiro. They´re so cute and I love when Shinobu blushes. And...enjoy!!



Hiyokoi - Step 11 Raw

I continuing with the Raws of Hiyokoi. In addition, I bring good news and it is already available online the entire Hiyokoi OAD. I leave both links. Enjoy!


I apologize to the people who were waiting for the raws of this series. I've been waiting to see if they left the raws in Japanese but as only available in Chinese so I decided to put them since at least the pictures are the same. Here I post the chapters 60, 70 & 71. Sho-Comi In this month has been published in this series, 72 and 50 of Suki desu Suzuki-kun!, Are available as hang.